Beware Murphy’s Committee – Rhinos Roam Here!

“Is Murphy’s Committee getting in your way or are you becoming a Rhino?”

murphy's committeeI remember seeing and hearing Jerry Clark in person for the first time back in the 90’s in Vancouver when he was accompanying Network Marketing’s “Big Al” on his speaking tours.  He was a young guy talking about his story and this group he called Murphy’s Committee.  He had us all laughing and shaking our heads in agreement with his analogy of how people are like cows and rhinos. 

I still have the Murphy’s Committee cassette I bought that day.  

Of all the hundreds of talks, seminars, tapes and lectures I have attended or listened to since then, this one has stuck with me all these years and I still find myself today referring back to the pasture and the jungle when ever I hear a “cow” talk or I find myself in the jungle facing the committee.   

Although it has been 16+ years since Jerry first brought Murphy’s Committee to our attention, this committee is still around and is very relevant even today.  People who are breaking away from the “norm” and creating a life of financial freedom will appreciate Jerry’s insight into what we are facing.

I recently found a link to Jerry’s original talk about Murphy’s Committee and have placed it in today’s blog so you can listen to this great story.  No fancy videos, so you will have to just sit back and enjoy the audio and use your imagination.

If you have never heard Jerry talk or have never heard of Murphy’s Committee, take the time to do so now, you will be entertained and enlightened.  

To learn more about Jerry Clark and his Club Rhino or to buy the updated CD version of this recording, please Click Here to go to the Club Rhino where you can download and listen to it.

Jerry Clark is a self-made Network Marketing Millionaire turned trainer and is one of the top speakers in this industry. His story of Murphy’s Committee is just one of his many inspirational talks he has had over the years.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life …. Do not let Murphy’s Committee get in the way of doing something great with it!


Murphy’s Committee post by

Glenn Watson

Never stop reaching for your dreams!

~  Thank you for listening to Murphy’s Committee ~

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