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Far Infrared Energy – FIR Technology Used to Show How FG Xpress PowerStrips™ Work

FG Xpress PowerStripsOne of the natural ingredients incorporated within the FG Xpress PowerStrips is Germanium and the Germanium creates heat and the heat relieves pain.

The following video show a series of Far Infrared images, that will demonstrate this heat in the tissues of the body.  What you will see are a series of images of before and after the application of FG Xpress PowerStrips.

What you should observe is something very interesting. Before the FG Xpress PowerStrips are applied, you will see images of an arm or a leg, perhaps a back. There is even an image of the face.

If you look at the image beforehand you’ll see that the energy of the image looks diminished, lower.

But after the power strip is applied it’s clear the energy, the far infrared energy coming off the individual is increased. You’ll see this as a darker red.
This is very important to understand.
So you’ve seen a series of images that clearly demonstrate that there’s an increase in the far infrared energy in the tissues of the body.
So how does this happen?
The Germanium that is incorporated in the FG Xpress PowerStrips actually reflects the far infrared energy into the tissues which in turn causes an increase in heat. This heat relieves pain!
In fact we have a Class 1 Medical Device listing with the Food and Drug Administration.
This is absolutely unique in the industry.
In fact in all of the reading that I’ve done and all the research that I’ve done, I’ve never seen anything quite like this.
Please watch this video:

FG Xpress PowerStrips – Far Infrared Energy – Dr. Adam Saucedo

Now a little history for those of you who may not be familiar with Far Infrared rays and what is known about Far Infrared Therapy benefits through history. Far Infrared rays or FIR as it is sometimes called, are an invisible spectrum of sunlight discovered in 1800 by a scientist named Sir William Herschel. These rays are found in the light spectrum between visible light and microwaves. The invisible band of FIR light is felt as heat. Far Infrared makes up approximately 80% of solar energy and interestingly our body generates Far Infrared rays as well. FIR waves of energy have the ABILITY to penetrate all layers of the human body, reaching into the inner most regions of the tissues, muscles and bone.

Far Infrared Therapy through history

The use of FIR has been used in ancient civilizations including Japan, China, India, the Americas, Northern Europe and ancient Rome. In modern times, we commonly referred to it as Reiki. Our hands and bodies emit FIR energy at all times and so palm healing is used to pass these infrared rays from one person to another. This energy will slightly induce a very small temperature increase and is known to enhance our body’s functioning on multiple levels.

How Far Infrared Works

Far Infrared Therapy invigorates cellular metabolism, which strengthens the body’s regenerative ability helping RESTORE the proper function of the nervous system. The body absorbs Far Infrared energy very easily, helping in all facets of growth and development. Our bodies have their own mechanism for producing FIR, which PROMOTES healing and cellular repair. Exposing our bodies to Far Infrared rays stimulates our healing processes and allows our body’s own REPAIR responses to activate, restoring function and detoxification. Far Infrared therapy treatment detoxifies the body of heavy metals, pesticides and other toxins. With today’s high levels of stress and the toxicity from pollutions and the foods we eat, the body’s natural ability to heal is repeatedly compromised. Millions of us have reached critical STRESS and/or toxic levels and unfortunately most of us do not have enough energy to detoxify or repair our bodies. Our own internal production of Far Infrared energy, which normally occurs within our tissues and is linked with a variety of healing responses, will REACT to the boost given by the rays from Far Infrared therapy. Those tissues needing a boost in their output will selectively absorb the Far Infrared rays. Therefore, for healing and detoxification to occur successfully we often require a boost of Far Infrared energy to MAXIMIZE healing responses. The body’s thermal energy will rise, tissues will become more active and the speed of metabolism will increase. You could say that the rays are re-charging the body’s battery. The human body’s intensity of FIR energy is in constant fluctuation and so when we are experiencing high intensity, we’re healthier and are able to overcome illness. The same is true at the other end of our FIR energy level and as they decline, we are prone to ATTACKS of sickness and are likely to age more quickly.

Far Infrared therapy has shown to HELP rid the body of chemicals and pollutants, revitalize the cells, tissues and organs of the body consequently making it possible for a return to better health.

Far Infrared Health Benefits

Far Infrared therapy very gently increases blood flow [1] by expanding the capillaries that carry blood. This will also increase oxygenation and regeneration of the blood, thus deeply detoxifying the blood and improving the function of all of the major organs in the body, because they depend on blood for energy. The detoxification is on the DEEPEST level, allowing hidden toxins in the blood and tissue to dissolve or be immobilized. Because of Far Infrared’s subtle heating, FIR boosts our immune system, by increasing the amount of white blood cells and killer T-cells. This is an excellent THERAPY for promoting healing, reducing muscle soreness, muscle spasms and relief for rheumatoid arthritis [2]. Even research done by NASA regarding Far Infrared therapy on the cardiovascular system showed that it was a great way of KEEPING astronaut’s hearts in optimal condition. Heart studies done by The Mayo Clinic and the Journal of the American College of Cardiology [3] found that infrared sauna therapy significantly improved blood vessel functioning in high-cholesterol, DIABETES and smoking patients. FIR therapy was also found to increase circulation, lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure and help in weight loss.


FG Xpress PowerStrips And You!

This is very important to understand that the FG Xpress PowerStrips have been having a dramatic IMPACT on people’s lives all over the world. The marketplace has NEVER seen anything like it and in the reading and in the studies that Dr. Adam Saucedo has done he has never seen anything like it. However, there’s a good reason for why people are seeing such a dramatic CHANGE, the scientific literature and the peer-reviewed articles that have been published on the technology found in FG Xpress Powerstrips shows that it’s real. What we know is that if you give the body what it NEEDS to do these amazing things, it’s capable of anything. Is it time for YOU or for someone you love to experience the dramatic impact others have after using FG Xpress PowerStrips?

ORDER you first package of FG Xpress PowerStrips today and join the thousands of people all over the world who are enjoying RELIEF.

Order Your FG XPRESS Power Strips Today

What do you have to lose?



  1. Lin CC, Chang CF, Lai MY, Chen TW, Lee PC, Yang WC. Far-infrared therapy: a novel treatment to improve access blood flow and unassisted patency of arteriovenous fistula in hemodialysis patients. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2007 Mar;18(3):985-92. Epub 2007 Jan 31.
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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. FG Xpress PowerStrips are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult your health care provider prior to making any dietary, nutritional, or exercise lifestyle changes. Individual results may vary. Do not use product on open or cut skin. Discontinue use if skin irritation or rash occurs.

FG XPRESS PowerStrips are not intended to treat or cure, but to give your body vital nutrients to support your body’s natural healing ability.


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