FG XPRESS Business Opportunity Making Money With FG XPRESS PowerStrips

FG XPRESS Business Opportunity

How Can You Make Money With Our FG XPRESS Business Opportunity

FG XPRESS Business Opportunity

The Dream of any company…

To have High Impact, products that have huge demand in every country.

Be able to ship simultaneously to almost any country in the world.

The Dream of any Entrepreneur…

To build a great global seamless business anywhere in the world with an Exclusive Breakthrough Product.

And be able to easily market those products in every country.


until now

New Market =

  • Create a corporation in each country so that you can…
  • Do product registration and…
  • Have a local inventory
  • Then create a logistics model and price model specific for each country.
  • Considering duties, fees, & taxes for each country.

In other words…

It would be a real nightmare setting up each country & it can take years to enter just ONE market!

President FG XPRESS Ron Williams

The President and Founder for FG XPRESS, Ron Williams, had a BETTER idea!

Here is where we change, what was…



XPRESS possible

We mean business with the FG XPRESS business opportunity.

FG Xpress is designed to bless millions of people with billions of dollars. Residually!

Our intent is to move money and commodity around the world at record pace.

Money is a MAJOR part of our health and well being. It is there to serve humanity, not vice versa. The more the merrier, it makes good people better!

FG XPRESS Business opportunity is “Easy, Simple, Seamless, Global!!!”

What if...

FG XPRESS puts the whole world in YOUR hands?

fg xpress international

So you can expand your organization into almost any country around the world?

The PowerStrips™ are sent by mail inside of a beautiful greeting card.

FG XPRESS Power Strips

Each pack: 15 Power Strips $69.95 dollars for a month’s supply (50QV/CV)

And shipping cost is the same for all countries, ONLY $4.95! (per 15pk)

If you can mail a greeting card to that country, we can mail a Pack of 15 PowerStrips™.

The First TRULY GLOBAL Business Opportunity

Already available in OVER 120 Countries

FG Xpress global

With a seamless Comp Plan, designed for a fast GLOBAL expansion, Financial security and Wealth creation.

First time ever!

Ground floor!

And YOU could create…


With a company that supports…

  • Anti-Poverty Initiatives by funding a new micro loan every single day through KIVA,
  • And believes that CREATING Health and Abundance, we make the world a better place.
  • And gives us the opportunity to create a global business from home with a seamless Hybrid Comp Plan.
  • A state-of-the-art system tracks your global network and pays you WEEKLY!

FG XPRESS is supported by a 9 year old company with the experience and infrastructure to help YOU take this to the world!

With a CORPORATE Executive Team with more than one century of International experience combined and a TEAM of networkers that will support you to work with a proven SYSTEM.

So let’s review the FG XPRESS Business Opportunity …

  • A Proprietary Patented Product ‘PowerStrips™ ‘
  • Developed by Scientists at a prestigious University
  • PowerStrips™ are now a FDA Listed Class 1 Medical Device used to relieve PAIN
  • … that may help millions of people who live every day looking for Relief of all types of pain
  • … and also giving more Energy, Cleanse and Detox, Mental clarity, and healthy nutritional supplementation for the body.


checkSame Price everywhere

checkSame QV/CV everywhere

checkSame comp plan everywhere

checkSame shipping costs everywhere


It’s Ours!

You can build a Global Network

And the possibility, with time, and your drive, to obtain unlimited income!

BE part of our team TODAY!

Timing is Everything!

YOUR timing is perfect!

Xpress yourself

Join the FG XPRESS Business Opportunity Today!

The Worlds 1st Global Opportunity with no International Boundaries

checkOrder Your PowerStrips™ & Secure Your Position

checkPlug Into Our Global Support & Training System

checkHelp us help YOU create the life of your Dreams!

checkStart YOUR FG XPRESS Business Today for only $12.00

Join Your F G XPRESS Today



~ FG XPRESS Team International ~ FG XPRESS Business Opportunity

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