FG XPRESS Review – Does FG XPRESS Relieve Physical And Financial Pain


Does FG XPRESS Relieve Physical And Financial Pain?

FG XPRESS ReviewThe big questions everyone is asking that I am going to answer with my FG XPRESS review, do FG XPRESS Power Strips really work and can you really make some extra money helping others.

These were the very same questions I asked myself when a good friend of mine suggested that I look at this new product and compensation plan at FG XPRESS

I did some research and I want to share with you in my FG XPRESS review what I found about the product and actually how you can get it for FREE.


Now that is probably why you are here too as I would presume that you came across my FG XPRESS review because someone you know suggested that you look at this product as it may help you with something you are having a challenge with either physically or financially or both and you are doing more research.

That’s great but before you continue to read my FG XPRESS review, I wanted to let you know that with any product, until you know if it works for you, no one can tell you one way or the other, so you won’t find me hyping this up. I did the research first too. Doing your research and then buying the product if you like what you see and trying it out for yourself is what I always tell people to do when I share anything.  

You will also find that most of the reviews online are biased towards joining them or some other business. 

I do have something else to share with you but it has nothing to do about joining another business, only about HELPING you with your Home Business. CLICK & GO HERE NOW to find out WHY so many top achievers in this industry owe their success because of what they learned HERE!

One thing you won’t have to worry about is a FG XPRESS scam.  I can assure you it is not. The FDA would not list it as a Class 1 Medical Device if it was!

So who is FG XPRESS and what are these ‘Power Strips’ all about?

FG XPRESS Review – The Company

FG XPRESS is backed by nine-year-old company ForeverGreen. Their new company was created in order to market FG XPRESS Power Strips. They have a great saying that says “Everyone needs energy, while many need relief from pain and discomfort”.

While I was doing my research for my FG XPRESS review, I found something unique and quite extraordinary about this company. Their CEO Ron Williams, a man with over twenty years experience in the direct selling business and past president of the Multi Level Marketing International Association, has been able to create a way to ship their product all over the world right from day one.

FG XPRESS can ship to every address in the world so they can offer one product, one price, patented, doctor-formulated, brand new, first of its kind, FDA Listed Class 1 Medical device useful as a PAIN RELIEF product, category creator and exclusively from FG XPRESS!

The Official Pre-Launch started on 12-12-12 when it began marketing to the masses all over the globe.  Yes, this is truly a Global Product, with immediate international distribution!

FG XPRESS Review – The Product

The patented all natural ‘Power Strips’, a product that is a patented fusion of modern energy and ancient herbs, that are packaged and shipped in a Greeting Card through the USPS for only $4.95 to any address, any country!  When was the last time you heard of a product that you could share to the world and ship to any country you would like to for under $5.00?

Power Strip FeaturesFG XPRESS Power Strips Greeting Card

  • State of the art, water soluble adhesive technology
  • Proprietary blend of herbs, minerals, and Marine Phytoplankton
  • Doctor Formulated, Patented, FDA Listed Class 1 Medical Device
  • Energy Boost & bring relief of pain and discomfort to joints and muscles
  • Safe, exclusive, and proprietary

Remember this product is available globally, so your aunt in the UK or friends in Australia, France, Russia, Germany or anywhere in the world can get this product right now too.

FG XPRESS Review – ‘Power Strips’

Please watch the video below that explains how and why the PowerStrip work.

THIS IS IMPORTANT to Understand the Science Behind Them!

What did you like most about what you just heard?

Do YOU know someone that could benefit from this life changing product, maybe a family member, friend or possibly even yourself?

The response to Power Strips has been nothing short of amazing. See for yourself by reading some of the many testimonials by clicking the link below.

Power Strip Testimonials

Keep in mind that every person is different and will experience different results.

I also want to mention in my FG XPRESS review that FG XPRESS Power Strips are not intended to treat or cure, but to give your body vital nutrients to support your body’s natural healing ability and can bring temporary relief of pain and discomfort.

What are your alternatives?

Pharmaceutical endorsed over the counter and prescription drugs with all of their costs and side effects!

HEALTH is energy and you are the account manager for your body!

Today YOU can decide to take control of your health or help someone you love reclaim their life back by enjoying the benefits of using this all natural product. 

If you are interested in the product for purely personal use, I would absolutely recommend it.

The cost is only $69.95 for a month’s supply, that’s a just over $2 a day (plus the unheard of low price for shipping of $4.95)

Now please note that because the company is selling it direct to the consumer, there is a small cost of $12 once a year, so that you can order online and/or share these incredible life-changing FG XPRESS Power Strips with people you know all over the world using the Internet through your very own FG XPRESS website. This will also allow the company to reward you with a very generous referral program as a Thank You for helping them bring the benefits of this product to everyone.

As with all direct selling companies, there is a business side to this product as well, if one was interested in pursuing it. I must let you know that after I finished my FG XPRESS review not only on the product but also the business, I did join.  I normally don’t join every company that comes out with a new product, as a matter of fact the last one I joined was over twelve years ago, so this one had to check off a lot of conditions that they had to pass to get me to join.

I won’t go into detail here to all the conditions that they passed, (you can email me and I will give you all the details) but I will tell you that the potential here to get in at the beginning of the parade so to speak, not only to get your Power Strips for FREE, but to do VERY well is extremely high.

FG XPRESS Review – Conclusion

Let me leave you with this as I close off my FG XPRESS review.

How many people do YOU know that suffer from joint, muscle or back pain or lack of energy everyday? And how many of them do you think would thank you for sharing this with them and would LOVE to try a new and natural way to relieve their pain and discomfort?

Now think on a global scale!

Ready to change how YOU feel everyday, then get back to the person who introduced you to this amazing product or if you don’t have someone then please CLICK HERE to get more information about the product, company and our FG XPRESS Team International and ORDER your PowerStrips today!

To your health in 2013 and beyond.

I am here to help!

Glenn Watson

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