Is Reality Biting You In The You Know Where?

The world seems to be full of people who are frustrated with their work and lives.  Frustrated with the limitations and demands placed on them. They are of all ages. We meet them everyday; they are our family, friends and co-workers.  Sometimes we even see them in our mirror at home!  The hardest or most frequent question we hear them ask is “what can they do about it”?  Sadly the answer they get or give themselves more often than not isn’t a positive one and is normally followed by a shrug.

Reality can hit hard as most people feel that they are stuck with where they are in life; they have responsibility, maybe a family and can’t just stop what they are doing and try something else.  And who says that working at another job will be any better, even if they can find one.  Probably not!  This affects everyone! It doesn’t matter if they have been working at the same job for a few years or many years, whether they work for a small company or large corporation.  Even many people who own their own company feel just as frustrated.

Sadly this “working for a living” scenario is nothing new and has been a major problem in people lives for many generations.  Many people have been able to escape being trapped and created a whole new lifestyle without leaving the security of their present work, so it is possible, but if one hears or reads about those “lucky” few, do we see ourselves doing what they did to overcome the frustration in their lives or are we like most people who stop at only wishing that they could do it.  What are the reasons why people think they can’t go beyond just hoping for everything to change?  Time? … Money? … Skills? … Confidence? … Desire? … Opportunity?

Are they real reasons or just excuses?

Time: How much time does it really take?  We all have the same 24 hours, but do we use them wisely or can we truly find the time to work towards having a better life?

Money: What is the real cost to be free?  We work on household and work related budgets but what about putting together a budget to be financially free?

Skills: We know what we know and because of it we are who we are.  Our education, training and experience came with hard work and took time.  We are who we are today because of the skills we have acquired and the paths we’ve taken.  Would learning a new skill or using an acquired skill for a greater purpose really be that difficult?

Confidence: How comfortable are we with the fact that if we don’t do anything about our present situation it will not change for the better?  How much confidence do we need to take control of our lives and change our circumstances?

Desire: The ultimate reason to do something or the ultimate excuse not to!  With the right desire we can go from wishing and hoping our situation will change to dreaming and doing something about it! Without the desire to better ourselves we will continue to struggle through life not ever knowing what could have been or who we could have become. To forever be unhappy about our lives. Do we have the desire to change?  Do we have the desire to overcome the obstacles that are put in front of us when we work towards a better life?   Those that do will succeed; they are the “lucky” ones.  The lucky ones that had the burning desire to help themselves and those around them enjoy a better life.

Opportunity: Too many people are looking for the “perfect” opportunity, if they are looking at all.  The perfect opportunity doesn’t exist, but there are many opportunities out there that offer the ability to start one’s own home based business no matter what level of time, money and skills people have.  Achieving financial freedom is only limited to the level of confidence and desire one brings to the opportunity.

We have a choice to stay in the same lifestyle we find ourselves in today like so many around us complaining but not doing anything about it or deciding to become the person one can become?

Sometimes there is no next time, no second chance, no time out. Sometimes, it’s now or never! So go and do it now!

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