Leveraging Trends – How to Use it to Achieve Your Goals in 2013

Wake up 2013 is here!… Are you where you want to be right now?

Some people will read this message and go right by; others will see it and do nothing, and some will see it and take action and in 30Leverage, 60, 120 days change their lives forever.

What you are about to witness is a significant change in how people are making money online and the beginning of a massive TREND that will sweep one industry in particular.

You can take advantage of this golden opportunity to ‘Leverage‘ what you are about to learn.

Why knowing and acting on a trend early can bring your financial security!

I have been apart directly and indirectly of every big trend, that has affected people’s lives for the past 60 years. I am one of the millions of people all over the world know as the “BOOMERS”, we were the babies born after WWII, the largest generation to ever walk this earth and may never be seen in these numbers again.

As we aged, successful companies used ‘Leverage’ to make the most of what would be the next trend or WAVE of products and services that would fulfill the wants and needs of this huge consumer market.

They knew that as our generation grew up we would consume more of everything and as a result of this knowledge the companies that came out with new and innovative products & services that caught on made a fortune.

The trends included Gerber Baby Food, Mattel Toys, Kenny Shoes, Station Wagons & Vans, color TV’s, record players & cassettes, cable, the ball point pen, electronics of all kinds and even shopping malls to name just a few of the millions of products and services that leveraged the shear size of our numbers as we grew up.

I was fortunate to catch some of these waves during my business years, but unfortunately, I did it in the capacity as an employee, helping others build their business and ultimately helping them ACHIEVE their dream lifestyle. But, growing up in that era, that is what we were taught to do.

So why am I sharing this with you?

For those of you who are from my generation you have witnessed this first hand and for those who are younger, you are already seeing how your generations influence the many products and services offered to you. 

What I have learned from being apart of all this, is that to make money, the kind that can change people’s lives, you need to be part of a trend, have something that a large group of people want and need. Most important of all, you need to catch the next WAVE as it develops!

The Next Wave To Catch… if you are ready!

This latest wave is one of the FIRST that I have really seen that encompasses all generations. It really couldn’t come at a better time for those of all of us who want to change our lives and achieve the lifestyle we desire, no matter what time in our life we find ourselves.

Yes, if you are serious ABOUT changing your life, please continue to read this, as I will show you how you can be a part of an opportunity at the beginning of an extraordinary new wave.

The worldwide economy is in the news everyday and this is creating a HUGE movement that is touching so many people. Far too many baby boomers have suffered from the down turn in the economy and have lost so much of their savings for retirement, while others have been victims of downsizing and have lost their jobs with no where to turn. Their dreams of enjoying their ‘golden’ years are slowly crumbling in front of their eyes.

The younger generations are realizing that the high cost of a college education does not guarantee a good job or the income they want to earn so they can enjoy the things in life they desire. 

The forty-year plan will never be a viable option anymore but the ‘4-Hour Workweek’ mind-set is fast becoming the choice of many of the young entrepreneurs today.

So where is all of this leading? … What is this incredible opportunity?

Because of today’s economic situation, more and more people from all generations are STARTING a home based business to help them turn around or improve their financial future.

What this has done is to CREATE a huge opportunity to ‘Leverage’ this massive wave that is growing everyday within this industry. Remember to make money you need to be able to target and supply a large group of people who want and need certain products and/or services that is specific to them.

Now whether you are in the Network Marketing industry or not you have to understand that this is a business enjoying a tremendous GROWTH worldwide because it offers the average person an opportunity to earn an extra income and build a business without a large start-up budget or take years to accomplish. 

Understand that this business model’s compensation plan was designed to ‘Leverage’ other people’s efforts and that this is the key for someone to have success in this industry, even working part-time.  Leveraging the time spent by the people they sponsor into the business they can MULTIPLY their efforts by helping others build and earn money with their business and in turn they build theirs.

By earning a small amount from the efforts of everyone in their organization, the harder they work, the more people they help, the bigger organization they build, the greater compensation they will earn for their efforts.

This compensation plan works very well in earning life CHANGING incomes for those who are able to add thousands of people to their organization. Unfortunately, this has been the case for fewer than 3% of all the people who have ever tried building a home business through a Network Marketing company the old way. Statistically not much different from the success rate for any other business both online and offline.

Finding people (leads) to join their business and then helping them do the same so they will keep working the business and therefore build a larger organization is the key to LONG-TERM success with a Network Marketing business. 

Even the top earners who did SUCCEED in building large organizations ended up working extremely hard and very long hours. So, although their financial freedom was achieved, the time freedom that was also promised, another important freedom goal for most people, very rarely came true to the extent they desired.

The Internet to the Rescue!  Well maybe not so fast…

The Internet the last few years has come to the rescue with regards to offering a SOLUTION to finding more people (leads), actually people who are interested in starting a home business because it has changed how we can connect with people. Not sure about you but I never did like the hitting on family and friends approach.

Unfortunately, the downside to wanting to generate LEADS online, until now, was the fact you had to learn new skills.  And that can take time and money, something which most people do not have much of one or the other or both.

Most people that I know don’t have a clue or even want to learn how to set-up custom websites incorporating complicated sales funnels and conversion processes so they work together successfully… GETTING overwhelmed with a ton of stuff, like…

  • Copywriting
  • Video Capture Pages
  • Sales Pages
  • Video Sales Letters
  • Video Production
  • Social Media
  • Branding
  • Shopping Carts
  • Upsells
  • Downsells
  • Merchant Accounts
  • Automated Webinar Systems

…stops them in their tracks and most will move on searching and spending their hard earned cash on the ‘Magical Secret Wizard Wand’ that must be the one to help them make money online. 

People are intimidated by all the moving parts, with too many variables to keep track of, when after all the majority of people really want to do is learn how to use a SIMPLE system that someone else has designed for them and follow a proven BLUEPRINT so they can generate targeted leads to talk to about their home business and make money. Isn’t that what you want too?

Here is the HOT opportunity that is trending right now…

The next BIG wave that is forming right now, the ‘Trend‘ you can get in on right at the beginning, is the need for a complete training program that offers Network Marketing business owners both newbies and leaders alike, the ability to learn how to build their home business with what is working TODAY and at the same time allowing them to earn a residual income while they learn. Specifically get them the money they want and need now so they can have the time to learn. 

…and the system that will help us take advantage of it!

This system has just introduced the two next generation programs called MLSP ‘Academy” & MLSP ‘Mastery”. And yes you guessed it, they were developed to help all home business entrepreneurs, especially Network Marketers, so they would have a step-by-step blueprint on how to build a successful business online today. This is a virtual training program that offers them the ability to earn a residual income while they take the time to learn how to generate leads the right way to build their business online today.

Here is how you can make money by taking advantage and leveraging this trend…

What if you could supply a SIMPLE proven system & Blueprint that would GENERATE leads, without having to learn all the skills, to millions of struggling home business owners in the world & to the thousands joining Network Marketing companies everyday for less than $20?

What if you knew about a technology AVAILABLE on the Internet today, a new kind of ‘Leverage’ that has slowly been developing that will make use of other people’s skills and experience to generate targeted leads for home business owners?

What if you only needed to find and supply a ridiculously small number of these home business owners with this service and products to EXPERIENCE the same life changing financial results and even greater time results as the top earners of the past did?

What if you had the ability to offer this program for $2.00 for 3-Days so people could take it for a test drive to see how extensive the marketing and lead generation training and performance coaching is and join the leaders inside the private masterminding and networking community?

What if you could make a $100 residual commission on all the people you referred who wanted to Master their business month after month and earn 100% commission on the top courses created by top earners on generating leads online?


What if YOU could help not only the people in your business but hundreds of people in other network marketing businesses learn how to generate leads and achieve their goals… how would that make you feel and help you achieve your dreams?

Do you see yourself ‘Leveraging’ this all ready done for you lead generation system to help you achieve your desired financial and time freedom goals?

CLICK HERE if you are ‘new’ and want to learn how to generate leads online starting with ‘Academy’!

CLICK HERE if you are ‘ready’ to take your business & bank account to the next level with ‘MASTERY’!


To your success in 2013

Glenn Watson

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P.S. You can learn a lot from History.  During the great ‘Gold Rush‘ days the people who supplied the tools and guides, the ones who built the railroads and towns, they made the fortunes. Only a few of the gold diggers made any real money.  With the current rush gaining momentum to build a home business online, to seek their fortune, the gold diggers of today will also want and need the right equipment and how to guides.

What would you rather be, the supplier or the digger?   Join me now and become a supplier to this massive market of gold diggers.

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