MLM Canada How To Recruit People Into A MLM Canada Business

MLM Canada – How to Recruit People into a MLM Canada Business”


MLM CanadaIs it harder to recruit people into a MLM Canada business than in the United States?

I have often heard people say that it can be harder to build a successful MLM business in Canada because it has some unique recruiting challenges that are not common in the USA.  Let us examine a couple of them to see if they are really the cause for this concern.

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MLM Canada Company does not have a Canadian Office or Warehouse.

The majority of new Network Marketing Companies start-up their operations in the USA and therefore when they first expand into the Canadian market, they may not open up a Canadian office or warehouse right away to service the country.

If the MLM Company’s business is based around a product or products that need to be shipped to the end user from the USA, then the challenge here, if relevant, is to overcome the higher cost distributors and customers pay to have it delivered to Canada compared to their neighbours to the south.

Some people may think twice about joining a company who has not yet established themselves in Canada, as total costs could be too high to attract enough prospects to buy into the program to make it profitable, especially if the products are in a very competitive market.

Here are three questions you might want to answer if you want to start a MLM Canada business and find yourself on the fence with a decision based on the above issue.

First, consider the product line and how well would it fit into the market here, like competition and uniqueness of benefits etc. Could an initially higher product price affect the results of your sponsoring efforts?

Secondly, how long has the company been in business in the USA, how well they are doing and are they planning to open a warehouse north of the border soon?

Thirdly and most importantly, are you someone who likes to be a pioneer and get in at the start or wait until it has shown some stability and had some growth?

Canada has a much smaller population base than the United States.

We have one-tenth the population than the United States, but could that effect building a profitable MLM Canada business? Some unsuccessful distributors have suggested that our lower population means there are fewer MLM prospects to talk to here and that the competition is stronger as there are too many Network Marketing Companies trying to compete in this smaller market.

This type of challenge may have had more truth to it during the earlier years in this industry’s growth when building a Network Marketing business relied heavily on growing your downline strictly by going through your local warm market. If you or the people in your organization had a large list of people to talk to or connections in other town or cities, then your prospecting chances were much better than most.

The truth is it is hard to build a profitable MLM business period, no matter what country you live in. There are unique prospecting challenges for a MLM Canada business that may make it more difficult here, but most of the Network Marketing business failures in this country are not caused by MLM Companies not having a presence here or a smaller Canadian population.

Research shows us that the average person who joins a MLM company sponsors on average only two people and this is normally not enough to build a successful business. The main reason this occurs is that the majority of new distributors who join a MLM Canada business, do not have enough people to talk to and thus they and those that they sponsor run out of prospects or MLM leads.

Fortunately, with the development of the Internet, people have a great new way to prospect.  Today if you live in a small community in this country, do not have a large list of family and friends or find that the product is easier to promote somewhere else, you can go online and connect with people, find great prospects to talk to and sponsor and grow your MLM business from anywhere.

Building a MLM Canada business today, even with its unique prospecting challenges, does not have to be any harder than in any other country.

With the internet, the right training and utilizing a proven lead generation system anyone in Canada who has the desire to develop a profitable Network Marketing business can accomplish this goal.





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