Morning Ritual – Start Your Day The Millionaire Way!

“Morning Ritual – Start Your Day The Millionaire Way!”

I was working hard everyday building my business, but I found myself struggling to get it built, so I needed some help. The reason I was so successful morning ritualin my professional career was that I realized I needed to find people who were having success in what I wanted to do. I was really fortunate to find some pretty awesome people who are enjoying tremendous success in this industry and decided to follow and do what they do. (It just makes sense)

First thing I needed to do was change my morning ritual, my Hour of Power! If you are going to copy what successful people do, you have to copy EXACTLY what they do, not just the systems they use but how they take care of their health and their mindset.

So today I wanted to share something with you that my new partner Mike Hobbs does daily for his morning ritual!

…He calls it his morning ritual!

He actually didn’t even come up with it. He has modified it based on a couple trainings he went through from Tony Robins “Hour of Power” and an Eben Pagan course on productivity!

…He has found that by doing this Morning Ritual he has more energy, gets better results in his business & just feels great all day! (I’m ready for that)

He told me that I would be surprised by just doing this one action how much better my day will be!

This is his advise:

…People tend to set their day off by what happens in the morning. If you wake up and stub your toe, cut yourself shaving or drop that cup of coffee as you are running around, most the time you end up having a bad day the rest of the day (if you don’t know how to turn it around)! Ever experienced that?

By doing a Morning Ritual you can set your day right and put yourself in a successful mindset and attract what you deserve in your business!

Watch his Video where he will walk you through his exact Morning Ritual here:

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Here are a couple of my partners in the Empower Network, Justine Verrengia & Mike Hobbs, enjoying the fruits of their work hanging out at a private Empower Network Mastermind Event in Costa Rica …

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“Today is the first day of the rest of your life!  Make it a great one …

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