Target Marketing – What Is It and Why Is It So Important to Your Success!

“Target Marketing: Knowing the Fundamentals of Marketing 101!”


What is target marketing? If this is a new term for you, than reading this post may be one of the most important things for you do for your network marketingTarget Marketing business. Without knowing who your target market is, all your efforts to grow your business maybe in vain.

Why Network Marketers have Trouble Understanding their Target Market

Do you know why network marketers have trouble understanding what really their target market is?  The major fault lies in the fact of how the network marketing industry been marketed for years, “talk to everyone because anyone can do this business and then sign-up everyone up”. Now you know what the NUMBER ONE cause for failing in this business is!

So What is Target Marketing?

Target marketing is a process of first examining who you would like to join your network marketing business and then figuring out what you need to do to find them and attract them to you. You will need to know what makes them tick, what their challenges are, where they hang out, etc. Have you ever taken the time to think about who your IDEAL prospect would be?

target marketing  What age bracket would they be?

target marketing  What type of business experience would they have?

target marketing  Why would they be interested in what you have to offer?

target marketing  What problems does your product or service help them overcome?

target marketing  What would they desire or hope to achieve in life?

target marketing  What do you have in common that you could talk about that would help you build a relationship with them? (secret sauce – more on this later)

Has anyone in your Network Marketing circle asked you to describe your target market?

The fundamentals of Marketing seems to been left out of the Network Marketing business for years.  Don’t ask me why, it just has. Let’s take a quick look at Marketing 101 and see if you can spot where the problem may lie.

With most businesses, the PRODUCT determines who the PROSPECT is. If you were representing a company in one of these industries, for example, these would be some instances of who you would or would not be marketing your products to (IE your Target Markets):

1. If you were selling exercise equipment, you would not be wasting your time talking to the owner of a woman’s shoe boutique, would you?

2. If you were selling exercise equipment, you would be targeting gyms and sporting good stores, right?

3. If you were selling veterinarian services, you are not going to target people without pets, that wouldn’t making sense would it?

4. If you were promoting starting a home business, you wouldn’t target people who believe that network marketing is a scam or pyramid scheme and are happy just sitting around complaining about how terrible everything is, would you? : )

Are you seeing a little more clearly, why there is a MARKETING problem inside the network marketing industry?

We are told that we can sell or sign-up anyone and everyone that we know and meet and I am afraid that is what most network marketing companies hope for … they make money on the two people the average network marketer brings into the business and the two that they bring in and the two that they bring in.

As new network marketers we hope to sign up everyone as well, as that is what we’ve been told to do to build our business, but that is why our marketing efforts attract No One to help build our business.

Back to Who Your Ideal Prospect Is and What is Target Marketing

It is your turn now to think about the target market for your Network Marketing business. What type of person would you truly LIKE to work with? Remember you are a business person and you get to choose who you work with.  You don’t have to work with people who want you to do everything for them.

I love working with people who believe in what I believe in and who understand that Network Marketing is a real business and is familiar with the business model or at least open to learning about it.  Having a professional background is beneficial, but not necessary.  I also look for people who may not have reached the level of success that they desire just yet, are looking for ways to improve their efforts, and are persistent and without the fear of failure.

I don’t chase people that are disbelieving about our industry because I am not in the convincing game and would rather work with people who love this industry and help them achieve the highest levels in their business.

Here are some examples of target markets for Network Marketing to help you locate the ideal prospect for you

target marketing  Stay at home Mom’s or Mom’s who would love to, that want to contribute to their financial picture as well as enjoy more time with their family.

target marketing  Dad’s who want to spend more time with their family and increase their financial security.

target marketing  Baby boomers who are concerned about their retirement future.

target marketing  Professional people tired of working 60 plus hours a week and want to find a solution to working less and making more.

target marketing  Retirees who are looking for something exciting to do or need to add to their retirement fund.

target marketing  People in the service industry who need to expand their income.

target marketing  People who are natural networkers who want to get paid to network.

target marketing  People who love to take cruises or RVing vacations and want to spend more time doing them.

The Secret Sauce to Apply to your Target Marketing (Warm & Online)

Having something in common to talk about with people is always a great way to build a rapport and to find out if they have some of your ideal prospect’s credentials.

This is especially true within your “Warm Market” consisting of your circle of friends and acquaintances, which you know through your church group, your children’s activities and other social or networking groups that you may belong to. Building a rapport is not talking about jumping on everyone you know trying to convince him or her that you have the solution to all of their problems… but through conversations with them, you will get a feel for if and/or when you would subtly bring up what you are doing.

Prospecting Online takes Target Marketing to a Whole New Level

When you prospect online, you can pinpoint your ideal prospect. Take for instance why people blog and what they blog about to attract the type of person they want to connect with.

The biggest question I receive from people who are just starting out, is what to blog about.  How easy would it be for you to blog about what you know or do?

Your target market can be something that you have been doing for some time, either  business related or a hobby or past-time, you are good at it or enjoy doing it and know exactly why other people are doing it, what they are thinking and going through.  You know what they are experiencing, what their problems or goals are and you have a solution to offer them that can help with their challenges and fulfilling their dreams.

You know where to find them.

You know what they do.

You know what they want out of life.

You know their language.

Wouldn’t this be a great place to start?

OK, so who is your ideal prospect? Do you have the perfect target market in mind?


I am targeting people who are committed to building their business online following the exact steps the top earners are using. By helping people earn 100% commissions for their work I am building my residual income as well.
Here is a screen shot of my Empower Network back office. This is from the first 3 weeks in August. I made $350.00 in residual income from just 5 people, not from fast start bonuses but a 100% commission every sale … every month!(It may not be thousands just yet but it is growing a lot faster and higher than my previous attempts with other businesses that pay small commissions for all of my work)

Next target is 50 people & then 100 people … what other program can you make that kind of money with just 100 people?

target marketing

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