ViSalus Canada Scam – Is There a ViSalus Canada Scam eh?

“ViSalus Canada Scam – Is There a ViSalus Canada Scam eh?”

ViSalus Canada Scam ReviewOdds are that you came across this ViSalus Canada scam article while you were checking out to see if maybe there was a ViSalus Canada scam because some body introduced you to this Network Marketing Company or the ViSalus Body By Vi Challenge.  You may even have started the challenge and that is great.

Now you are doing some research checking to make certain that there is no ViSalus Canada scam or wondering  what others have to say about the ViSalus business opportunity here in Canada.

Are these not the most important things that people want to know how to do?

GENERATE LEADS so they canMAKE MORE MONEYby Building a Home Business!

ViSalus Make Money Online

Click Here if you want to learn how to use the latest methods available TODAY to generate the leads you need to build your ViSalus business simply and quickly!

When you understand how the top ViSalus earners really generate leads and how it works, you will want to use these methods right away to significantly increase your odds of success!

ViSalus Canada scam is such an easy thing to say when you do not really understand Network Marketing or maybe had a bad experience with another company. Some people even use the suggestion of a ViSalus Canada scam just to try to get people to join another MLM Company. 

I am not a Canadian ViSalus distributor so don’t worry I won’t try to convince you that this is or is not the best company for you or that I am the best person or team to join in this company or even to join another Network Marketing company.  And I am definitely not here to tell you that there is a ViSalus Canada scam.

I am here to help you avoid the pitfalls so many people do NOT overcome when they first start to build their MLM business.  I want you to succeed and make a fortune with your Canadian ViSalus business.

Let me first get this out of the way!  There is no ViSalus Canada scam as the company is over 10 years old, very stable and still growing. It officially launched in Canada in September 2011 and right away the doubters came out with their accusations of a ViSalus Canada scam.

If you are looking to build a lucrative home based business in the multi-billion dollar health, wellness and weight loss niche, then you will find that ViSalus Sciences offers every Canadian ViSalus distributor an opportunity to do just that. 

Once you get past the untruthful ViSalus Canada scam posts, you will find great information from people sharing their personal ViSalus review of how the Body By Vi Challenge has totally changed their lives.  They’ve come to realize that it is impossible to be a Visalus Canada scam!

Do you have the desire and are you serious about creating a life altering walk-away residual income with your Canadian ViSalus business?

 If you achieve the top levels of the ViSalus pay plan, you should be in the position to accomplish this. The fact is that if your desire is to reach these levels, you will have to learn how to attract serious business builders along with your Body By Vi Challenge customers.

The reality of this industry is that most sponsors or even their upline do not yet have the skills or experience to teach people how to attract serious business builders in today’s market.  If you never go beyond your “warm market” of friends, family and contacts to find your leads, the opportunity of getting to the higher levels in the compensation plan are very poor.

Please do not let what I just said discourage you, this traditional method of generating leads is good for most people to start off with because it allows them to practice and if they can usually get a few people to sign-up to try out the product, especially if they are getting results with it.

Getting them to sign-up for the business side and then trying to keep them active in this business is another story.  The truth of the matter is that most family and friends join just to help and to try the product, not to get involved in a home based business.

Why then does every Network Marketing company tell their new distributors to start with their warm market?

Simply because they know that a person will be more comfortable talking with some one they already know as they have an “established relationship” with them.  It will be a lot easier to “share” the products and business and make the sale.  Remember the most important thing a company wants their new distributors to do is make the sale!

Never forget that the easiest way to make the sale is through an, “established relationship”.  This will become the key factor in how you build your Canadian ViSalus business.

Most Network Marketing companies today, including ViSalus Sciences, have a presence on the internet offering their distributors a means to personalize a company website or websites so they can direct their leads to view a professional presentation of their products and/or business opportunity.

What seems to be lacking though with most companies is the level of training that teaches how one actually goes about getting not just their family and friends to visit these websites but to attract enough qualified people to see the opportunity, who are serious business builders that want to a business with them. 

Without the continuous stream of quality leads, it will be very difficult to grow any business let alone a Network Marketing company.

Handing out business cards, flyers or dragging people to local meetings will work… eventually.  If you just want to try to cover your monthly auto-shipment or make some extra cash, then this traditional marketing method does work. 

Here are the actual numbers to prove it, which by the way have not changed over all the years that the MLM industry has been in existence.

Average number of people a distributor sponsors = 2

Average income = $10.00 per month

Percentage of people who do not make it in this business = 97%


 Now that I have your attention!


Are you serious about building a Canadian ViSalus business with a truly long lasting residual income?

Then you will have to take command of your own destiny. You will need to attract a team of serious business builders, not rely solely on product customers, hoping they become distributors, to build it for you.  Finding that “diamond in the rough” is a long shot and waiting for it or trying to polish someone who may or may not be one will not make you a fortune, so do not waist your time or count on it. If they are one they will eventually shine.

Very Important!

You need to figure out the numbers game.  How many quality leads do YOU need everyday to find the business builders to sponsor so you can achieve your goals. (from what I have learned 25 a day seems to be the magical number)

Take action right now towards that goal and achieve the numbers!

How do I generate these types of leads?


Here is my Secret Ingredient that I Personally Use to Get Our Team to the TOP in less then 60 Days


Online marketing is the method many of the top earning network marketers utilize today.  There are strategies one can learn how to use that can build their ViSalus business faster and more efficiently than the old-school methods

The top Network Marketers also know how to attract serious business builders by using what they learned from “Magnetic Sponsoring”.

Network Marketing will always be a relationship business and your success on generating leads online will still rely heavily on you forming an “established relationship” first.

Who do I go after?

Well once you go through your warm list of contacts, strangers will become your only prospects.  However, no matter how popular the ViSalus reviews are about the company and business opportunity or the Body By Vi Challenge, or even how wrong the ViSalus Canada scam reports are, chances of a stranger actually signing up with you just because you invited them to see your online presentation are, well let’s say not very good.

The online strategy and system that is used by top earners today turns strangers into “established relationships” and is based upon the theory of helping fellow networkers, no matter what company they are with, learn how to market their Networking business online.  By helping them learn and utilize proven methods to generate all the quality leads online they could ever use, you will establish a relationship with them.

Their Secret behind this strategy and of building their huge organizations centers on the fact that they DO NOT lead with their business opportunity!

Establish the relationship and trust first.

Only then will they be interested about what you do and what your primary business is. They will initiate the conversation thus giving you the opportunity to then invite them to view your ViSalus website and business presentation. They will no longer be strangers!

“I really enjoy speaking to people who are genuinely interested in building a secure financial future for them selves and their family through a Network Marketing business, than wasting my time chasing people trying to persuade them that I have a solution to their financial troubles.”

What would you rather do?

I trust I have eliminated any fear, if there was any, that there was a ViSalus Canada scam.

You can not let anyone stop you from moving forward by them trying to say that there is a ViSalus Canada scam.

I have had ViSalus distributors come to me asking for advice on how to build their businesses both here in Canada and in the US. So, I decided to write this ViSalus Canada scam review to strengthen your understanding about building a home based business around the ViSalus opportunity and how it can be accomplished if you dedicate the time, have a strong work ethic and most importantly follow a proven marketing plan that is easy for anyone to use.

Take control of your destiny and take action today so you can learn how you to achieve the financial freedom you deserve by implementing 21st century marketing strategies for your Canadian ViSalus business.

Do not let this opportunity to build your business pass you by…

Easy Money Method to Create an Advertising Budget for your Primary Company

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