ViSalus Canada – Winning The Making Money ViSalus Canada Challenge

“ViSalus Canada – The Winning Formula for Making Money with the ViSalus Canada Challenge”

ViSalus CanadaOdds are, you have found my site and this specific post regarding ViSalus Canada because you are searching for information on how you can build a successful business with ViSalus and their Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge here in Canada.

I must compliment you on following through on this due to the fact the majority of people aren’t prepared to do enough in order to improve themselves by simply looking for help and advice. You have actually taken care of the very first challenge in your quest to succeed.

Did you know that 75% of people in Network Marketing lack the leadership and training that they NEED to be wildly successful? Did you know that most entrepreneurs I talk to are just a short trip from quitting because they’ve ran out of people to talk to and if they just had some simple clear marketing training they would go from making $0 to an easy $2000-$5000/mo

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 When you understand how the top ViSalus earners do it and how they generate leads, you will want to learn their methods right away to significantly increase your odds of success!

Please do not think that I’ve put this post up to try and take you away from ViSalus Canada or stop you from taking the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge.  I am actually here for the opposite reason and that is to try and help support you wherever you’re at with your business.

It’s certainly no secret that over 95% of people who start up any type of home based or network marketing business including a ViSalus Canada business will inevitably fail and never earn a profit. I would like to examine a number of causes, if you are interested, as to why this really happens and the ways in which you can actually prevent them.

Why Are So Many New People Struggling In ViSalus Canada?

The primary and also most import explanation why new people are struggling with their ViSalus Canada business comes down to a lack of motivational drive or that burning desire to succeed.  Attitude or mindset is an essential component to your own success.

You are an independent rep of ViSalus Sciences now and so the responsibility of taking care of your home business and its ultimate success is totally up to you.

So many people make excuses why they can’t make it and give up as soon as they face their first challenges.  

You must make the choice today that regardless of how tough the challenges might get and yes, there are some challenging times ahead, you are committed to providing that burning desire to be successful .

Once you have accepted that your attitude and determination is the key that unlocks the door to success, you will be ready to be coached on how to utilize the final pieces of the puzzle, your marketing training.

ViSalus Canada in all probability doesn’t teach any serious method of online marketing, and even in the event that they do, it’s nothing when compared with what I am planning to share with you here in a minute.

I realize that ViSalus Canada and their Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge program is based on the method of approaching family and friends, strangers, and holding home parties and events to promote the products.

Now I am not here to bash any of these marketing methods, as they have worked for many MLM companies for decades.

However, the fact remains that the number of people who have been truly successful using these types of marketing /sales methods is still less than 5%.  This is in part because if you are like me, you are not at all comfortable with this type of marketing method and that is OK. This is where I come in because I want to help you.

Exactly How To Succeed In ViSalus Canada

Here is the Secret Ingredient that We Personally Use that will Get YOU to the TOP with Your ViSalus Business!

What I am about to say to you is extremely important and if you overlook or disregard this, you are going to fail in your ViSalus Canada business. If you wish to be successful in this company or any other Network Marketing company for that matter, you will need to develop into a leader within this industry.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to generate a specific amount of income or even bring in a certain number of distributors in order to be regarded as a leader, no.

Right now, today, YOU need to make a decision that YOU will definitely become the leader that people are so frantically searching for. People are looking for leaders who can offer their experience of what they have learned about the knowledge and skills that are required to be successful in this industry.

No matter what level you are currently at, mastering online lead generation, the final piece of the puzzle, will guarantee that you will have a constant flow of new-targeted people to talk to about your ViSalus Canada business.

The lifeblood of your business, the key to your long-term success, is the generation of leads.  With them, you will be able to consistently sponsor enough new reps to reach the levels within ViSalus, making the real money you desire. Without them…

Once you are generating at least 15 – 20 leads everyday, you will be in the position to successfully grow your business and earn a substantial residual income.

The question then is, what would be the best online lead generation system, one that you can step right into that will not take you or anyone you sponsor months to learn, helping you immediately with your ViSalus Canada business?


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