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“ViSalus Review – Can You Really Make Money as A ViSalus Distributor?”


ViSalus reviewIn this ViSalus review, I examine the ViSalus business opportunity and offer you some valuable tips on how you can succeed as a ViSalus distributor.

I am NOT a ViSalus distributor so you will get an unbiased ViSalus review.  I will Not try to convince you in this ViSalus review that this is or is not the best company or I am the best person or team to join in this company.  Moreover, I will definitely Not try to get you to join another MLM company by telling you that there is a ViSalus scam.

I have been around this industry long enough to know that thousands upon thousands of people have changed their lives by building their own MLM business.  Sadly, I also realize that even more thousands have tried to build a successful MLM business and for many reasons were not able to.

Working hard by itself is not the answer, following a proven marketing plan that you can do and is easy to teach others to do is the key to success in this industry!

Are these not the most important things that people want to know how to do?

GENERATE LEADS so they canMAKE MORE MONEYby Building a Home Business!

ViSalus Make Money Online

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When you understand how the top ViSalus earners really generate leads and how it works, you will want to use these methods right away to significantly increase your odds of success!

The ViSalus product line, as my ViSalus review discovered, helps people to practice a better quality of life.  The ViSalus Company is over 10 years old, very stable and still growing, having not hit their major momentum yet.  These are excellent qualities to consider if you are still on the fence about joining or building your business around this company.

During my ViSalus review, I also researched their compensation plan, which they have based upon a uni-level platform offering a multitude of ways you can make money.  As a ViSalus distributor, you have the ability to earn money from upfront income, residual income and advancement bonuses, which includes a luxury car.

If you are serious about creating a life altering walk-away residual income, then achieving the top levels of the ViSalus Compensation Plan should accomplish this. To reach these levels you will have to learn how to attract serious business builders and not just product customers.

The ViSalus business opportunity, as with many other Network Marketing companies, first teach their new distributors to do up a list of their family and friends, called their “warm market“, so they can “promote” the ViSalus business opportunity. 

This has been an effective method for decades to get new people started because they already have an established relationship with all these people. Keeping these warm market distributors active though in one’s organization has been one of the biggest challenges over the years, as most join as a favor not because they they were serious to build a home based business.

Today with the Internet being so much a part of our lives, companies like Visalus have spent a great deal of time and money developing corporate websites that can be easily personalized by their distributors allowing them to send people to view the company’s business opportunity presentation.

Even with this far superior way of showing a company’s business opportunity, way too many new distributors still face a re-occurring situation that still haunts this industry. Once they have gone through their warm list, people usually run out of leads and are not able to attract enough serious business builders to get their business to the next level.

When this happens, their business growth more often than not stagnates, the new organization they built starts to disappear and they eventually leave the business.  This is still a typical situation for the majority of distributors in this industry as Network Marketing companies on whole lack training in 21st century marketing methods.

“What do I do next, is the question so many people ask of their sponsor and company!”

The reality of the situation is that their sponsor and the people in their upline cannot help them.  And it is not because they do not care, but because they are just like them and do not have the skill or the experience yet.

Discovering how today’s top Network Marketing earners utilize online marketing strategies to build large teams and attract quality team members faster and more efficiently than the old school methods is the best option available to the new bread of network marketers.

Network Marketing is truly a relationship business and any ViSalus distributor who wants to build their business online needs to remember this fact.

Chances of a stranger joining your ViSalus business opportunity just because you have one to offer are slim.  It does not matter how great a ViSalus review is of the company, products, opportunity or how fantastic their corporate landing page looks. 

ViSalus distributors who want to build their business using online marketing strategies still must work on building the relationship first then they can work on recruiting a prospect into the business.

Top online network marketers used what they have learned from “Magnetic Sponsoring” to attract serious business builders.

They use an online lead generation system that is centered around a “funded proposal” which is based on a generic program geared to helping fellow network marketers, no matter what company they are with, learn how to market their Network Marketing businesses showing them proven methods to generate all the quality MLM leads online that they will ever need.

If there is one thing you need to take away from this ViSalus review it is this:

Their Secret to building their successful businesses is that they DO NOT lead with their business opportunity!

Establish the trust and relationship first; because once created it will be much more likely for them to be interested in what you do and with what company.  This then opens up the dialog about your business and gives you the opportunity to show them your Visalus website or direct them to the company’s presentation.

I do not know about you but I would rather spend my time talking to people who are genuinely interested in building a Network Marketing business.

Would you agree?

I hope that my ViSalus Review has strengthened your belief to build your Network Marketing business around the ViSalus business opportunity.

Understanding how you can achieve the financial freedom you deserve by following 21st century real world strategies that actually will work today to build your ViSalus business is the key to your success.

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