What’s the Greatest Challenge To Overcome Building Your Home Business?

“What is the Greatest Challenge You Will Have to Overcome Building Your Home Business”?

Take a few minutes and think about this, if you haven’t already.

What do you believe is your greatest challenge to building your home business?  Have you faced it yet or have you thought about what it may be?

building your home business

I am sure you have heard the wonderful stories about starting a home business and how it can turn out to be such a great adventure and financially rewarding, but for some it can also be a complete disappointment. Simple truth is, there are many challenges that go along with starting up any business and not everyone will have the ability to face them.

You on the other hand want to have the ability to face them and know the truth about what to expect and how to benefit from knowing what it takes to be successful.

Understanding some of the pitfalls right from the start, like the emotional roller coaster one can encounter, can go a long way to preparing yourself for the realization that there will be tough times and that this is just a part of the natural progression of building a home business.

Let’s look at an example of what happens to many people when they first start up a home business and what the usual outcome is.

I can relate to this, having experienced something similar the first time I started a Network Marketing business. Fortunately, after stepping away from this industry for some time I realized that if I wanted the financial and time freedom I desired, the only way was to build a home business and learn how to over come the challenges I will encounter.  You may even know someone who has experienced this themselves.

The majority of people who start a home business begin with a lot of excitement and dreams of a better life. Their enthusiasm and emotions bubble over, they talk to everyone about how wonderful the products or services are and how they want to help them all be financially free.

Then they hit a couple of speed bumps, too many no’s and “you’re doing what” responses from family and friends, along with not enough money coming in right away syndrome and soon the frustration sets in and the emotional highs are in a free fall, heading for a crash.

Now the negative thoughts start to drip in; ‘they are not good enough for this type of business‘, ‘why are they trying to be someone they are not‘, ‘their sponsor and company lied to them‘, and ‘they can’t figure out how to make it work‘. Unfortunately, during this seemingly tough time many decide right then and there to stop working the business.

Quitting is easy when emotions are this negatively charged and excuses are easy to find. The only thing that they have now accomplished is sabotaging their long-term dreams and goals.

So how can someone over come the tough times that are inevitable without quitting?

Don't give up in the middleSorry, there is not a single magical solution to this challenge, but here are some of the things you can do to get through the tough moments.

Find someone who knows what you are going through and can help and encourage you to get past the tough times is important.  The great thing about the network marketing industry is that you are never alone even while you build your business.  It doesn’t matter what company you are with there are people around, even if they are with another company, who just want to help you be successful. (that just doesn’t happen in any other industry)

Know that not everything can be great at all times, life is just not that way; you need to find ways to become more positive when you are in the middle of a challenge and more focused on how you can get through it. Remember during even the toughest times, that all you have to do is reach 51% positive and you will be in a good space.

Keep reminding yourself why you are building a successful home business, what that burning desire to change your lifestyle is and figure out a way to get back to that feeling of achieving your goals and feel it.

Being aware of how our minds work is also very important because how we talk to ourselves can determine our thought processes and how we feel.  There are numerous books and courses one can learn from to help our mental attitude. Think and Grow Rich is one of the best ones to read. (If you do not have a copy, you can download if for free over to the right of this post) The proper mindset is an essential factor is how we manage our thoughts.

The lifestyle you are dreaming of reaching is within your grasp, but it will take work and determination on your part to get through the tough times and to achieve them. Nobody will do it for you, but there are people and systems out there that will help you on your journey.

As your journey progresses you will help many others with their journey as you have been helped with yours and that is all part of the unique spirit of this industry.


I am here to help!

Take care,

Glenn Watson

“Build your business with people who believe what you believe!”


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~ Building Your Home Business ~

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